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Landscape Lighting

For many homeowners, one of the best features of their landscape plan is the use of outdoor lighting.  These fixtures can make any landscape look warm and inviting.  Some people choose to forgo outdoor lighting in the interest of cost savings.  What they don't realize is that landscape lighting does more than just  highlight your yards best features.  While it is close to the last step in your overall redesign, it is far from the least important.  Here are four benefits to outdoor lighting:


Benefits of outdoor lighting:

  • Light up for outdoor living

  • Illuminate your path

  • Discourage intruders

  • Better Curb appeal

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve several purposes but there are two primary ones that we see.  First is to stop potential erosion.  If your property is sloped severely around the foundation then a retaining wall may be the perfect solution to address the erosion that happens naturally through gravity.  The second reason for a retaining wall is aesthetics.  Many times you can kill two birds with one stone with this project.


Benefits of a retaining wall:

  • Prevents erosion

  • Creates an aesthetic focal point

  • Divert runoff

  • Adds functional space to your yard

Snow Removal

While snow is a thing of beauty to some, it doesn't come without its problems.  From slick and treacherous pavement to inaccessible walks we can help you enjoy the beauty of a snow event without the hassles that come along with it.  We handle both commercial and residential snow removal to meet the needs of all of our customers.  


What does our snow removal consist of:

Commercial Snow Removal

  • Pre-treatments/de-icing of parking lots and walkways

  • Shoveling of walks and plowing of lots at contracted trigger depths.

Residential Snow Removal

  • Shoveling of driveway and walks

  • Application of ice melt on request

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